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"Music Together® Online":  This fall, the magic of family music-making comes directly into your home via "Music Together Online", an at-home delivery system for the wonderful "Music Together" program you know and love. Weekly class videos bring fall's award-winning "Music Together" song collection to vivid life, inspiring parents and children of all ages to sing, dance, and play along together, any time!  

 Content: Each week for 10 weeks, "Miss" Cheryl will provide 3 fifteen minute mini-class videos of teacher-led music-making, featuring selections from the "Music Together" song collection, "Bongos".  These shorter length videos are ideally suited for at-home music class, to enjoy over the course of the week. You can take class any day, any time, "on demand". The week's 3 videos will be viewable in a closed, private Facebook group for enrolled families only.  Parents will be able to easily follow "Miss" Cheryl, who will lead you through our song collection in exciting ways your children will love.  

Bonus Activities: we will have LIVE Zoom classes every Thursday at both 10am and 4:30-5pm.  You can Zoom with us on Thursdays, in the morning or afternoon.  You don't need to pre-select your time slot.  (Our Zooms will use the same link, not time-specific.)

Materials:  Every registered family will receive "Bongos Collection", in multiple formats:  Cd, digital download code, and fully-illustrated picture songbook.  Materials will be mailed, and/or distributed at no-contact pick-up stations prior to our start date (details provided in your registration confirmation email). 

Screen Time:  It isn't necessary for your child to "sit still" or to "watch the screen" , either for our pre-recorded mini-class videos, or our bonus Zooms.  The mini-class videos are an active class in which you, the adult, are the real "star" of the mini-class videos and Zooms.  When adults sing/dance/play along with "Miss Cheryl", the children benefit from the sights and sounds of your at-home music-making.  Even if your child never looks at the screen, they will love watching their grown-up sing, dance, and play along.  (And, parents always have the option to set up the screen so that only they are able to see it.)  Children absorb TONS of music information, in "sponge" fashion, whether or not they themselves ever see the screen.

Also, the videos are part of a larger experience that includes at-home music-making apart from the videos.  You'll be amazed at how the short videos act as a springboard for spontaneous musical fun while away from the screen.  The videos will inspire your family to re-create these songs in bits and pieces, a verse here, a chorus there, repeatedly, as you go about your day, i.e. while washing hands, getting dressed, taking a bath, playing in the backyard, getting ready for bed.  The teacher-led mini-class videos will bring family music making into your homelife, as "Bongos Collection" songs become your family's soundtrack of the season.  Your home will be filled with music, bringing shared joy to the whole family.  

Hypothetical Bonus Outdoor Class Event(s):  if LAUSD returns to in-person school at some point this fall, we will explore the possibility of adding some free, bonus, outdoor class event(s), socially-distanced, for a limited number of families per event, that would be an optional addition to our ongoing fall season pre-recorded videos and Zooms.  


"Rhythm Kids Online" (Are you ready?  OH, YEAH!!!) 

  For older children (ages 5-8yrs.) and parents, we have "Rhythm Kids Online".  "Rhythm Kids" is our dynamic next-level music experience for early-elementary schoolers, featuring drumming, singing, dancing, and musical rhythm games from around the world. 

Content: Weekly class videos allow families to take each week's "Rhythm Kids" class according to their own schedule, i.e. any day, any time, "on demand".  The class video can be experienced in one sitting, or, divided into shorter segments over the course of the week. Parents are encouraged to take class alongside their "Rhythm Kid", for company.  (Parents LOVE the program, too!). PLUS, we have a bonus "Rhythm Kids" live class on Zoom every Thursday (3:30pm-4pm), to add to the musical fun.  

Materials:  Families will receive their "Kangaroo"  materials set (Cd, digital download code, and songbook) via priority mail, or, no-contact socially distanced pick-up stations prior to our start date (details provided in your registration confirmation email.).  "Rhythm Kids Online" will feature home-spun versions of drums and other percussive instruments.  Cardboard boxes, overturned bowls, tabletops, etc. all work great!  No previous drumming experience required.  

Bonus Zooms:  This fall, we will increase our bonus "Rhythm Kids" Zooms to every week, Thursdays at 3:30- 4pm.  You can Zoom with us as often as you'd like, for no additional fee.

Hypothetical Bonus Outdoor Class Events:  we will explore the possibility of optional outdoor bonus class event(s) for "Rhythm Kids" if/when LAUSD is able to return to in-person classes.  If we are able to do so at any time during our fall session, this would be optional, at no extra charge, and offered in addition to our ongoing fall session pre-recorded videos and Zooms.  


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Music Together On-Line
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Mon - Sun Anytime Sep 07, 2020 Nov 15, 2020 Cheryl Lev, Director

Rhythm Kids Online
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Mon - Sun Anytime Sep 07, 2020 Nov 15, 2020 Cheryl Lev, Director