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"Music Together® Online":  This spring, we bring you "Music Together Online", so that we may continue all of the musical fun while we hit the "pause" button on our in-person classes due to the corona virus quarantine.  We believe that "Music Together Online" will be a highly valuable experience for your family.  The combination of teacher-led videos and this season's award-winning "Music Together" song collection will combine to create an exciting, dynamic, educational, and highly enjoyable experience cherished by both parents and children.  

Each week for 10 weeks, "Miss" Cheryl will provide 3 fifteen minute videos of teacher-led music-making, to be experienced at home in an interactive fashion, between  parents, babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Your early elementary schoolers will likely LOVE the program, too!  These shorter length videos are ideally suited to this new video delivery system.  The week's 3 videos will be viewable in a closed, private Facebook group for enrolled families only.  Families can view the video content as they play along together, any day, any time, as many times as you'd like, for that week.  To strike a perfect balance between repetition, which fuels learning and mastery, and novelty, which provides excitement, at the end of each week, the "old" videos will be replaced with the NEW week's lesson plan, covered in 3 new videos.  The semester will cover the season's 25 songs shown in multiple ways, using different musical activities, the same as during a regular in-person season.  

Materials:  Every registered family will receive a materials set for "Maracas Collection" (there are 9 full-length "Music Together" collections, used in rotation).  The materials set includes a Cd and fully-illustrated picture songbook (delivered to your home, or, via pick-up stations following social distancing recommendations).  Families can opt to receive their materials digitally, including a digital version of the picture songbook, if preferred.  Every enrolled family will receive a digital download code to put "Maracas Collection" onto all of their family's digital devices and smart phones, using the free "Hello Everybody" app.  

For anyone curious about the issue of limited children's screentime, we want to assure you that the teacher-led "class" captured on these purposefully brief videos is more than a passive watching experience; you as a parent/child dyad or family will be playing, singing, and moving along with "Miss" Cheryl.  Also, the videos are part of a larger experience that includes at-home music-making apart from the videos.  You'll be amazed at how the short videos act as a springboard for spontaneous musical fun while away from the screen.  The videos lead you, the parents, and your children, to create these songs in bits and pieces, a verse here, a chorus there, repeatedly as you go about your day, i.e. while washing hands, getting dressed, taking a bath, playing in the backyard, getting ready for bed.  The teacher-led videos will bring family music making into your homelife, much the same way as an in-person "Music Together" class functions.  "Maracas Collection" will become your family's soundtrack of the season, bringing shared joy to parents and children, alike.  

 We know that these are stressful and unprecendented times.  We need music now, more than ever!  Music is a natural mood elevator, and you as a parent might very well find that "Music Together Online" becomes an important part of your spring season, too.  "Music Together Online" will likely help you, the adult in your child's life, to carve out some much needed respite from the worries and concerns of the day.  Hope you'll join us for "Maracas"!  



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